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The Game

The epic escape game is the first room of real games in Torres Vedras where you and your team have to escape on 60 minutes to end the game. Escaping means that you will be locked in a room and you have to read all you want to escape?

Escape the game and win an epic experience ... the only rule is not to tell your friends how you got out because they will also want to put to the test.

"I know from reliable sources that is responsible for the disappearance of the most precious jewel of the English Crown.

On behalf of all those represented, ordered him to return immediately, all the result of his serve.

Time to get back what belongs to the kingdom, so if you want to ignore this message, I inform you that I will make every effort in my power to stop him...."

Do not waste time, reserve now and embark on this adventure!

Prices for teams:
- 2 People - 35€
- 3 People - 40€
- 4 People - 45€
- 5 People - 50€

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